Tuesday, December 7, 2010


First off i'm a big fan of MTV but since 2008 i haven't been watching anything other than the hills,VMA and the movie award,because the fact of the matter is that the channel SUCK.Now it's evolved into reality television which was fine when it had the hills and real world but now it has sixteen and pregnant,jersey shore,teen mom and whatever shown they have.The main goal for MTV was to show music videos and give you update from your favorite artists,So where is the music video? Yeah i know they show music video at 6am.I thought the main goal was to show music videos all day like back in the days and not reality shows all day.I was all for a little reality but not all the time,And i know that some of you might agree with me when i say MTV SUCK without music.The whole purpose of ending TRL was so they could make room for reality shows seriously?They might as well change MTV-Music television to RTV-Reality Television.Well that felt good to get off my chest lol.MTV SUCK!
-Aneesa Summers

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