Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I think the only thing that i've ever agree with Miley Cyrus is the internet because everytime i'm on i feel like i can't get off i'm in a debate with myself if i should go and do my erronds now or tomorrow anyways yes i have a twitter and i'm always wanting to know what everyone is up to and chicking it in side of doing the things i should be doing whoever invented the internet must of been a loser or he just wanted world bombanation kinda like the movie Jose and the pussycats lol if you've seen it you know what i;m talking about any yes the internet is a good thing but all the gossip,scoical sites isn't even tho i have myspace,facebook and twitter but i'm always on twitter but i guess i should take it out on the person who created the internet i should be talking it out on thw people who created twitter maybe they wanted world abombanation hehe(= even talking about it making me caving to go on a hike whick is weird i've never been on a hike and NY doen't have a runyon canyon like LA.So i've come to the concludion that i need to be less on the internet and be more active its not like i can walk out the door and go for a run when its 30-40 degree even tho i hate summer i'm more of a spring and fall type a girl.So yes i guess i agree with miley for once lol which is weird but wateves and i will try and update this blog as offten as i can.My twitter is http://twitter.com/NEESii Live,Life,Love,
Aneesa Summers

Friday, March 12, 2010

Miley Cyrus vs Selena Gomez vs Demi Lovato

I know i haven't updated in a while i've been busy.This post is about well the title.All i have to say about miley is that she need to leave demi and selena alone she's trying to take demi away from selena and thats not cool demi and selena have been friends for too long to just throw there friendship away because miley cyrus deside that she wants demi all to her self because she doen't like selena so what you and nick are over and he wants selena get over it he don't want you anymore because he seen the real you so what that doesn't mean that your going to steal demi from selena i mean really what your bestfriend mandy finally realize how old you are and left you lol i mean really your acting like your in high school and some people in high school doesn't even act like that seriously this is just stupid all miley got to do is leave selena and demi alone, miley you can get your own friends its not that hard to say hi i'm miley cyrus wanna be friend all your fan want to be your bestfriends go be bestfriends with them and stop being a friend wricker you've already been a homewricker it's time you change and stick to your own friends and stop stealing other people friend just beacuse you don't like that person i mean REALLYYYY?????? Live,Life,Love,
Aneesa Summers

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


My name is Aneesa Summers and this blog is about everything about life,friends,TV showns and celebs.So I've had so many people telling me that i talk too much and i ask too many questions lol can't blame them i have alot to talk about like who will i be in 10 years,what will you be in 10 years?where will life take us?Are we going to be the person we say we want to be?All I'm saying is life isn't the way we always want it to be if it was there wouldn't be any war,death and money problems.Life is filled with joy,love and laughter.Love life as it is cause we'll never know where it'll take us tomorrow.
Aneesa Summers