Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I'm Back!

Wow it's been a long time huh? Haha..Anyways can we talk about how everytime i try to sign in it always says wrong password when the password is the correct one why is that everytime i have to go thru the whole process of resetting it everytime! Seriously?...So latly i have been texting like a mad person (Lol) so the other day i was texting a friend while walking and walked into the edge of a wall talk about pain in my fourhead(I don't recommend walking while texting).I know driving while texting is illegal...But i think texting while walking should be illegal too.What do you think should texting whil walking be illegal?.Leave a comment and let me know.Btw i known that the least of americas problem but can we talk about the fact that i'm happy Bristol Palin didn't win dancing with the stars.I know she had no experience with dancing but girl can't dance and i'm shock that she made it to the top 3 the way she dance is like very stiff i mean move your body get into the music it's not all about winning it's about enjoying the experience...On a brighter note i'm sooooooo happy Jennifer Grey won she was amazing since day one!This has been a long enought post.Untill then Happy Thanksgiving:)...I'm most thankfull for my family and friends.
-Aneesa Summers

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