Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I think the only thing that i've ever agree with Miley Cyrus is the internet because everytime i'm on i feel like i can't get off i'm in a debate with myself if i should go and do my erronds now or tomorrow anyways yes i have a twitter and i'm always wanting to know what everyone is up to and chicking it in side of doing the things i should be doing whoever invented the internet must of been a loser or he just wanted world bombanation kinda like the movie Jose and the pussycats lol if you've seen it you know what i;m talking about any yes the internet is a good thing but all the gossip,scoical sites isn't even tho i have myspace,facebook and twitter but i'm always on twitter but i guess i should take it out on the person who created the internet i should be talking it out on thw people who created twitter maybe they wanted world abombanation hehe(= even talking about it making me caving to go on a hike whick is weird i've never been on a hike and NY doen't have a runyon canyon like LA.So i've come to the concludion that i need to be less on the internet and be more active its not like i can walk out the door and go for a run when its 30-40 degree even tho i hate summer i'm more of a spring and fall type a girl.So yes i guess i agree with miley for once lol which is weird but wateves and i will try and update this blog as offten as i can.My twitter is http://twitter.com/NEESii Live,Life,Love,
Aneesa Summers

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